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The EduMEasy Math DIY Kit for Class 10th, developed by a team of IlTians, provides a platform to learn the theoretical/abstract concepts of mathematics through experiments and visualizations. It is accompanied by study material for reflective thinking to avoid being enslaved by the experiments.

1,699.002,499.00 (-32%)


Math DIY Kit for Class 10th Instrument Included:

  1. CO-ORDINATE SYSTEM DEMONSTRATOR (CL) – The basis of coordinate geometry is the coordinate system. For understanding the different quadrants and coordinates in a two-dimensional plane, this system demonstrates several different properties to visualize the co-ordinate geometry.
  2. CIRCLE DESCRIPTOR (C)- It starts and ends at the same point. The circle is one of the most beautiful geometrical figures which has several good characteristics. However, understanding the properties and theorems is a herculean task. The descriptor is designed for doing some experiments for learning the circle in a linear manner.
  3. GEOMETRY EXPOSITOR (G)- Bothered about understating the statements and proofs of theorems! No worries, this one piece of equipment is the solution bank of all geometrical concepts. Starting from understating the angles between two lines to visualizing the properties of parallel lines and triangles, this single piece of equipment is loaded with a number of activities to excite the students.

Chapter Covered in this Math DIY Class 10 Kit:

  1. Real numbers
  2. Polynomials
  3. Pair of equations
  4. Quadratic equation
  5. Arithmetic Progression
  6. Co-ordinate geometry
  7. Statistics
  8. Circles
  9. Area Related to Circle
  10. Probability
  11. Herons formula
  12. Statistics

Free Accessories with this Math DIY Kit Included:

  1. Smile Magnet
  2. Square Plates
  3. Sticks
  4. Bar Plates
  5. Circular Plates


In today’s era, most students are afraid of maths, but we all know math is the most scoring subject in all competitive exams, keeping this in mind IIT Team designed & developed a Math DIY Kit for every student who wants to learn Math with fun. This Kit helps the students to build interest and confidence in learning the subject & provide an opportunity to exhibit math concepts in everyday life to allow and encourage students to think, discuss with each other and the teacher and assimilate the concepts in a more effective manner. This is a Curriculum based Kit for Class 6th, Class 7th, Class 8th, Class 9th & Class 10th with visualizes a concept of math by understanding the concepts and makes learning easy. So Contact Our Team for any FAQs or for Inquiries about Math DIY Kit or you can Download the Brochure.



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1,699.002,499.00 (-32%)

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