DIY Activity FUN ‘Math Kit’ for Children for Primary & Secondary School Students from class 6th to 10th

“studying along with playing & make your child more active with Kit

If you have any queries about Math DIY Kit then inquire with us to know complete details about it. This Math kit is handy for children and will improve their mathematical and logical skills, you’ll find the perfect toy to help your child learn & grow effortlessly. Our skill booster mental math kit helps children understand math concepts better and solve mathematical problems mentally with speed and accuracy.

This syllabus base kit covers chapter-by-chapter and topic-by-topic syllabi from classes  6th to 10th. This helps the students to build interest & confidence in learning the subject to provide an opportunity to exhibit mathematical concepts in everyday life to think & discuss with each other more effectively. This Math DIY Kit is designed & developed by IITIANS to bring revolution to the field of Math. 

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Curriculum-Based Maths Teaching Kit

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